We Are Die Hard Surfers and Demand The Best

You should too!

Having the best equipment in the water is much more than who spent the most money. It’s about gaining the knowledge of what goes into your surfboard and the value these elements have added. We’ve found a few tricks and differences that seem so simple but offer you so much more!

Resin Tip

Have you ever wedged your board into the sand or set your board on the concrete and cracked the tip of your nose? Have you ever walked into your house and hit your nose on the wall?

Same here! This is why we include the resin tip standard in all of our shortboards. The resin tip infuses the resin with the stringer and is fiberglassed. This means it won’t crack like a traditional board would.

Colored Cups

When manufacturers add the leash cup to a surfboard they have to color the resin. Unfortunately, they’re boring and only choose white being the surfboard industry gold standard. It’s your custom board, so have some fun! Like other manufacturers, we have to color the resin for our leash cups. However, we want to spice things up and give you the option to choose the color of your leash cup.

Leash Ties

So you got your new board and you’re super stoked to surf it! The wax is on, the foot pad is on, the fins are in, and you’re ready to charge but something is missing. The leash tie! Every surfer has experienced this at least once before. We want to take that potential torture out of your life by including a leash tie standard with all surfboards. Something small and silly, but it’s a lifesaver.

First Ding On Us

We’re excited that you decided to spend your hard earned money on one of our boards! We know that this is an investment, and we are here to help. When you get your first ding, don’t be scared to run back to our shop and get it patched up. It’s on the house! Customer service is important and we are ready to patch up your first ding free of charge!*

*Yes the first ding is free! However, if it is a major repair, larger than 3″, we will have to charge due to the nature of the damage involved. First ding excludes full board snaps and fin boxes, but don’t worry you’ll be greatly discounted!