Standard Features

  • Polyurethane Blank
  • Premium resin
  • Deck patch
  • Thruster set-up
  • Resin tip
  • Leash tie
  • Warranty

Custom Features

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So you’ve finally decided to chase some sketchy hurricane surf! The Ransack is the go to step up board. Designed for waves head high or bigger that will try to rob you of your confidence. The Ransack won’t sit back and watch that happen… No, It’s ready to stick any wave that makes you wobbly at the knees. With a rounded pin tail and a deep single concave throughout no wave is too much. The wide point moved back is the key point in responsiveness and hold to this board in big surf. Adding more tail rocker allows you to maneuver this board easily at higher speeds. Designed so you can hold your rail and use your rocker to escape with confidence. Rob the waves in and out of the barrel and leave nothing behind but ransacked wreckage.