Standard Features

  • Polyurethane Blank
  • Premium resin
  • Deck patch
  • Quad set-up
  • Resin tip
  • Leash tie
  • Warranty

Custom Features

Really want to make it your own?

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This Mini Simmons inspired funky, fishy, and abstract board has been demanded by you. Well here it is! The Maximini was created due to the presence of our geographically challenged location and the desire to surf even if the waves are that small and weak. Like a fish this is a short and fat board, but it surfs a little differently. You want to cruise the line and maybe throw some toes on the nose but hate longboards? You want to whip this around or throw it in the air? You got it! The longboard inspired nose has a rolled belly with the 45 degree cut rails to take volume out of the rail. This will help you whip it around and stabilize for throwing toes forward. The belly drops in to an increasingly deeper single concave as it releases off the tail. This will get you that speed you want too! We like performance and we make sure that the rails will help you lay that turn down too. So, let’s maximize your fun on those minimal surf days with this Maximini!