Standard Features

  • Polyurethane Blank
  • Premium resin
  • Deck patch
  • Quad set-up
  • Resin tip
  • Leash tie
  • Warranty

Custom Features

Really want to make it your own?

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Have you ever been in the mood to destroy some waves but unfortunately the waves never came through?

The Destructo is the cure! This retro style performance fish will have you destroying even the mushiest of waves. Featuring a flat bottom to a double concave and a slight vee off the tail, this board will turn on a dime. Made specifically for mushy days, The Destructo lays wreckage as you speed, carve, and destroy all that’s thrown at you. A quad fin set up comes standard. The Destructo is short and fat like all fish boards, which will let you ride the board smaller. Performance is always packed into our boards and The Destructo is no exception! So start your demolition and grab The Destructo!