The 757 surfboard logo seems simple enough right?

To some, our logo is made of just numbers. To others, just a local area code. To us at 757 Surfboards the logo is our name and our pride. The actual numbers 7,5,7 make up the local area code for the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia on the East Coast of the United States. Our company has a lot of pride in the local area and surf culture. While trying to come up with a name to represent us, the local area code (757) seemed a good place to start. The problem was we wanted our names or initials in the company logo which didn’t seem possible using just numbers… The 757 idea was abandoned for a while. Instead of paying attention like a good college student, a random sketch was drawn while in class. We found a way to fuse the local numbers, and our initials. The 757 represents our local dwellings and support. It is simple and easy to remember and it contains our Initials. The original owners of 757 Surfboards Andrew Everson and Robert Seatherton designed the 757 surfboard logo to contain a subliminal meaning. The logo is not just the local area code but has an A and an R representing Andrew’s and Robert’s names. Do you see it?

Welcome to the Illuminati